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Very easily applied techniques. Very impressed with the individual attention everyone received. Thank you so much!     H.W.

Even more than specific skills or ways of thinking, by encouraging, you have made me feel good about myself, which means more than anything else.     J.S.

Dot is a wonderful speaker. Made me feel better about myself. I was very happy when Wednesday class night would come.     C.J.

Your presentation style and the down-to-earth information that you shared made me comfortable enough to want to try the techniques that you gave us. The take homes have been a great help and I know that I will be referring to them in the future. Thanks for being you.     P.R.

You really do want everyone to be the best they can be. You put so much energy into your presentations that a person would have to be brain-dead to not be caught up in the momentum. I find myself quoting you both out loud and to myself and I donít allow anyone to "Should" on me. I am getting better and better everyday, thanks to you.     S.M.

Personal Coaching

As my personal coach Dot Campbell has been my rudder in what can sometimes be a confusing sea of entrepreneurial business. She has provided me with realistic suggestions for structuring my marketing materials and for growing the business. Although Dot has a very compassionate approach, she is very honest and direct as she shares her own experiences and has allowed me to learn from them. Her positive energy has strengthened my confidence in myself and in my ability to grow my business successfully. If it werenít for Dot Campbell I would not be where I am today - facing the future with confidence and with excitement as I move forward.

Olga E. Henry, RN, BSN, MBA
President/Corporate Trainer
Professional Education Enterprises, Inc.
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